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Pair of 2 stickers: watch for motorcycles
Application: to be applied on a clean and grease-free surface.
Delivery time: 2 to 3 weeks to Europe and 2 to 5 weeks to USA, Australia and other places.
Shipping by international air mail.
Notes:The price of one sticker refers to the pair of two smaller stickers on the picture. The size is for one of these smaller stickers.
Motorcycle car bumper sticker "Pair of 2 stickers: watch for motorcycles"
Price: $1.89 USD (or 2 stickers for $3.49 USD or 3 stickers for $4.79 USD)
Shipping cost: 1.95 USD
Sticker size: 5.00 x 1.43 inches ( 12.7 x 3.63 cm)
Material: self-adhesive laminated vinyl

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Additional notes: all stickers are laminated with UV-protective film for extra durability and keeping the colors fresh for years under the sun.

Motorcycle car bumper stickers:
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